webometrics (2004)
computational visualistics (1996)
web design (1991)
  medieninformatik (1990)
International Olympiad in Informatics (1989)
visual analytics (1987)
data mining (1980s)
human-computer interaction (1982)
computer-aided software engineering (1982)

computer vision (late 1970s)

  information engineering (1976)
quantum computing theory (1970s)
game programming (1970s)
it (1970s)
business informatics (1970s)
computer engineering (1971)
computer algebra systems (early 1970s)
microprocessor manufacturing and design (early 1970s)

mechatronics (1969)

network topology (1969)
software engineering (1968)
operating systems (1964)
  the acm computing classification system (1964)
networking (early 1960s)
databases (1963)
computer science (1960s) began to be established as a distinct academic discipline
formal methods (1962)
  informatics (1962)
computational complexity theory (1960)
  machine learning
artificial intelligence (late 1950s)
computational linguistics (1950s)
scientific computing (1950s)
  systems analysis
systems theory (1950s)
computer graphics (1952)
compilers (1952)
coding theory (1949)
information theory (1948)
microarchitecture (1947)
category theory (1942)
cybernetics (1940s)
  automata theory
computability theory (1936)
λ x. x + 1 programming language theory (1930s)
  theoretical computer science
theory of computation (1928)
cryptoanalysis (1914)
type theory (1903)
electronic data processing (1890)
mathematical logic (1887)
data structures
programming (1801)
graph theory (1736)
binary arithmetic (1679)
information science (1305)
robotics (1205)
hardware development
number theory (1st millenium bc)
computer architecture
computer science