09th Oct 2019

Building a silent Desktop PC 2019

First of all: Why get a new Desktop PC, if the old one is still working?

To put it briefly:

  • Two is better than one/Ergonomics: Sitting is the new smoking. Switching between working in a sitting position at the old PC and working at a standing desk at the new PC will be a breeze, especially when considering that by using Remote Desktop, the location of either PC itself becomes irrelevant.
  • After an SSD Upgrade of the old AMD FX-4100 system (in use since February 2012) working with it did become much better. However, the Windows 10 Version 1903 Update led to a Blue Screen of “Inaccessible Boot Device”
  • Every other day now, either the Mouse cursor freezes or the system shuts down by itself and Windows Event Viewer is not helping either:

The components for the new PC were chosen with the super-convenient PC-Konfigurator at Alternate.de. The goal was to build a silent but performant system for a reasonable price, so a Board for the AM4 socket was the starting point and parts fell into place from there….

(Plus RAM, which was ordered through Amazon)

Delivery and Setup was fast: Order placed on Friday 17:50, Delivery Monday late afternoon, and Windows Installation complete on Tuesday 11am.

Basically, the steps of setting up the System were the following:

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